I said I wasn’t going to have a drink tonight…

I did. I said I would have a night off. I was out with a friend last night, I’m catching up with friends tomorrow and then it’s the superb gin festival at Summerhall on Saturday. I need a night off. My stomach has not been great for a few weeks now so I really need a night off. But I could really be doing with a drink now…

I knew it would happen. In all the preparation to go to Japan there are a lot of things I need to organise not least of which, the letting of my beautiful, beautiful flat. Paperwork, applications, banks…

It was going so smoothly, I had the first two documents I needed for my letting agent sorted and ready to go and then I had to sign in to the bank my mortgage is with for the third document.

I’d never signed into their online banking so I had to register. Did that. Was told to sign in. Online banking does not recognise my username or password. Tried again being very careful with the capitals, typing. Online banking does not recognise my username or password.

Gave it the benefit of the doubt and reset my password. No problem doing that. Asked to fill in memorable items. No problem doing that. Signed in. Asked to reset username and password. Did that. Asked to call the bank and quote a reference number.

Called the bank. Lovely man sorted me out with a new password and activation code that would arrive in the post but in the meantime gave me a temporary password that would allow me to sign in tonight. Signed in with temporary password. Please fill in your activation code.

Called the bank a second time. Lovely lady this time who listened to my rambling tale. My details were all active and healthy so she asked me to try to sign in while she was on the phone. Smooth, perfect, problem free sign in.IMG-20170729-WA0001

I want a drink.

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