The Cursed Child

I’m back from my last trip before I head off to Japan. I was in London to see The Cursed Child with my mum and sis-in-law. I’d got them tickets last year for their birthdays and Xmas presents, and one for myself, obviously. This was also the first time in 4 years we had managed to get away together for our combined birthdays since my sis-in-law decided to have 2 monkeys and couldn’t go on girly weekends. Normally the weekend we would go away would be in or around my birthday because my birthday is in the middle, I organise it, and I hate being in the country for my birthday but because of the tickets it was nearer the sis-in-law’s birthday.

The Cursed Child was excellent. Oh my God it was so good. I’m so glad I got to see it. I’d read the script but it’s the staging and the effects that make it amazing. Plus the costumes. And that is all I’m going to say to ‘keep the secrets’.

Then, we had afternoon tea in the Goring hotel which was decadent in all the best ways to be decadent.

On the organising to go away front, the lovely ladies at Swift Lettings showed my flat and I think they’ve found someone to rent it while I’m away. I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly.DSC_0026.JPG

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