Let the packing commence.

One of the few things that is making the whole moving to Japan business really hard is leaving my beautiful, beautiful flat. I love it. I don’t know how to describe or explain how much I love this place. It is my sanctuary. I come home, close the door, and am at peace. I frequently spend entire weekends by myself in my flat, having locked the door on a Friday evening, and not leave once. Not even to nip out to the shop. The door stays closed and locked until Monday morning when I have to leave for work.

It has all my favourite things, arranged how I like them. It’s clean and tidy; it’s a quirky shape (a triangle with a zigzag hall); the windows are huge so it’s bright and airy. The kitchen window faces east so it’s amazing in the morning, the living room has windows that face east, south and west so gets the sun all day (triangle), and my bedroom faces west so gets every one of Scotland’s phenomenal sunsets.

Now I’m packing up all my lovely things to be stored away in my parent’s roof space to be seen again who knows when. So, I have poured myself a gin and tonic, I have Friends playing continuously in the background for company and am ignoring all the dark marks (cannot write that without thinking Voldemort) on the walls behind the pictures I’ve just taken down. Some of them are so bad. Oh gods, I’m going to have to paint over them, eugh.

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