Three weeks from today I will be heading to the airport to begin my adventure in Japan…  I am so excited… and have so much to do. I will be spending this weekend packing up as many of my belongings as I can.

Yesterday we had our orientation and then a reception at the Japanese Consulate’s house so it was a long day but flew by so quickly. Everyone was so lovely and helpful. One of the best things so far is how excited everyone is for us (myself and all the other Assistant Language Teachers or ALT’s). There is a LOT of information we need to be aware of and there’s not a chance I’ll remember it all so I was taking notes like the nerd I am; lets hope I can make sense of them. We also had a two hour lesson in Japanese at the end of the day. My brain was leaking out of my ears by that stage and I was having to say each word so slowly to try and pronounce it properly. Everyone else would finish the sentence and I would only be half way through. I hadn’t thought I spoke all that fast before but I can clearly rattle along speedily when I want to.

They gave us all name badges with the area we’ll be living so we could all chat about where we’ll be going and see each other’s names. In Japan each Prefecture has a mascot so they had those on the badges too. Fukushima has a cute wee guy with a chrysanthemum on his head. I’ll have to find out more about him.

Okay, packing…

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