One day more…

One more day do go to work…

Not that I’m likely to do any actual work but I have to be there so that counts.

The last few days have been a bit intense. Nothing major has happened but I’ve been having regular mini meltdowns that mean I’m hyper, excitable, etc one minute then angry, panicked and crazy the next. Tuesday, for example, was interesting. I had finished packing the boxes that will go into storage while I’m away (otherwise known as my parents roof space), had repacked my suitcase who knows how many times so decided I needed to move onto the cleaning portion of getting my flat sorted. So there I was, scrubbing out the cupboards, sobbing like a mad eejit, shouting at myself, and taking out all my fear and upset on the kitchen.

Luckily, I had plans to meet some friends for dinner (I’m so bad that I was contemplating cancelling every five minutes) who brilliantly took my mind off my ridiculous non-problems and made me laugh, as they always do.

Part of the problem is that the last few things I need to do are really things that are out of my hands so I’m having control problems. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of myself as a control freak. Independent; not comfortable asking for help; intolerant of others being around me in my personal space and I have increasingly found it hard to walk away from the sink without wiping it so that there are no water droplets. That’s a lie, I can no longer walk away from the sink without wiping it. Not to mention the anxiety I’m feeling about the boxes everywhere meaning I haven’t been able to properly clean the flat for weeks, but I wouldn’t have said control was a problem. I really do not need to add that to my list of issues.

I decided that I should rest yesterday and leave the few more things I had to do do today, including going to the post office to post a box of my winter clothes to Japan and organise redirecting my post. I initially did neither. Not that I didn’t try but the parcel would have been over £100 to post and would have got there before me. Then, to redirect post to a foreign country for a year was going to be over £200! No. Ma and Da can get my post and forward anything serious to me. Plus, Ma loves opening my post, she’ll have a field day.

I have since received an email telling me that the baggage allowance allows multiple checked bags so long as the overall weight does not exceed 30kg. Time to repack the suitcase…again.DSC_0011

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