An empty flat.

My dad and brother came over on Friday night so that we could pack up a van and move my things home. Thankfully it was a van this time rather than a cattle trailer so it wasn’t quite as mortifying as when I moved from Dublin to Edinburgh. However, there was one point when, due to the heat, my dad stripped down to his boxers. He still had a shirt on so I can be thankful for small favours and I live in Leith so it’s not like anyone will have batted an eyelash at him but good lord. When I pointed out the total lack of shame to my brother his response was, ‘I’m too tired to even contemplate it,’ and totally ignored him.

Then on Sunday we had a mini road trip to the boat and, finally, home to dump my things in the roof space.

Oh look, it started to rain and we got stuck behind a caravan.

The gray, boring Irish Sea.


Nearly home… not that you can really tell much difference between here and Scotland.


Everything safely tucked away.

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