I’m here!!!

I’m in my flat in Nihonmatsu; sat on my sofa; cuppa in hand. This is really day two because I got here yesterday after the orientation in Tokyo. That was interesting. Over a thousand ALT’s all  in one hotel in the middle of Tokyo; days of talks, workshops, ceremonys and meetings.

It reminded me so much of going to Oz (minus the talks, workshops, ceremonys and meetings) when the group of us met at the airport, spending a few days together around Hong Kong on our stopover and sticking together for those first weeks and months in Sydney. People were chatty, shy, weird, funny, flirty, loud, eager, odd, antisocial, knackered, obnoxious; basically all the things people can be. I have to admit, I was thoroughly enjoying it on a purely people watching basis and I think because I’m a fair bit older than most of the people there I was able to comfortably step back and watch the goings on in a way those younger ones couldn’t or didn’t. It was hilarious.

And now I’m in Nihonmatsu, where I’ll be living for the next year. I’ve met one of my supervisors, the other two ALT’s here, the town Mayor!!! I already love it. I can’t wait to find out more about it and take some pictures so I can post them.

Tomorrow I get taken to my schools to see them and meet the teachers and principles and then it’s the weekend so time to explore.


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