Welcome to Nihonmatsu.

I walked around Nihonmatsu this morning taking some pictures and finding my way about. I should warn people that my idea of photographs may not match other peoples so if you’re hoping to see basic tourist style photos you’re likely to be disappointed a lot of the time. There will be some in there, just not very many.

Wandering around, I kept thinking how much I love the way all space available is used in such neat, efficient, aesthetically pleasing (at least to my eyes) ways. It speaks to my order loving soul.

I’ll get the obligatories out of the way first:

Vending machines and conbini  (note the Lawson only because I have relatives called Lawson):

An adventure starts by walking out your front door (can’t remember or be bothered to look up the exact quote, you know what I mean and if you don’t… I don’t care):

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