Traffic Lights and a Castle.

I took myself shopping to Fukushima City yesterday to practice more driving and buy a few things in Uniqlo. I put the address in to Google maps (should I do the ‘there are other satnav brands’ thing now?) and set off on my merry way. It took me a slightly random way in that, rather than take me the most direct route to the main road to Fukushima, it took me the ‘fastest’ way. Down a few back streets and then to a crossroads, traffic light junction to get me onto the main road. So I sat at the lights and waited for them the change. And I waited. A car pulled up behind me. And I waited. I noticed there was a button on a telegraph pole to the side of the road and ideally thought, I wonder if I should push that. And waited. I wondered about the button. And waited. I told myself it would be weird if I was expected to get out of the car to press a button to get the lights to change. And waited.

Another car pulled up behind myself and the one behind me. And waited. The man from the car behind me got out of his car. Walked to the button, glaring at me the entire way. Pressed the button. Walked back to his car, glaring at me the entire way. Got back into his car. The lights changed.

So, was it a coincidence that they changed after he pushed the button? Or are you really supposed to get out of the car to push the button?

I think I’m going to go another way next time.

I went to Nihonmatsu Castle last weekend so I’ll stick some pictures of it here now. It was a castle. I do not know how to say castle in any way other than…castle.

And because it is a castle, I found Cinderella’s coach in the grounds:


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