First day of school, first day of school.

Today was my first day of school. You may not have got that from the title. Thought I should reiterate it. First day of school, first day of school.

I only had one class where I introduced myself and gave them a quiz on my introduction. It went fine, I think. I hope. Then I sat in the staff room until lunch. The teachers in Junior Schools in Japan eat lunch with the students so I’ve decided to do that too. It was definitely better than any of the school lunches I ever had. Not that I had many school lunches, I always preferred to bring my own. Anyway, after lunch, I started to learn how to learn Kanji. Basically, Kanji is so hard to learn there is a website that breaks it down into easy to learn sections that you build up until you learn the actual Kanji. I learned the first 26 radicals, I think. I hope…

In the afternoon there was a welcome assembly where I did my ‘Hajimemashite, Watashi wa Helen des, blah, blah, blah’. I wonder what the Japanese for blah, blah, blah is, must look that up. And the school welcomed me. It was lovely really. One of the students did the welcome speech and she was so good.

I stopped by the 7/11 on my way home; check out this sky:

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