Sukagawa Fireworks.

Yesterday we had a Genki day where a group of us got together and did a series of activities such as Ceilidh dancing, Afrobeats, Flamenco, Kenjutsu, and Taekwondo (I think).

I was so sweaty and gross at the end of it but it was a great day. After that we went to Sukagawa where we made Tatami mats. Well, we didn’t make the mats, they had already been made, we used them to make a little square coaster type thing. It was held at a factory that makes them that has been run by the same family for the last two generations or longer. They were so lovely and had prepared a huge amount of food, not just for us but a load of their friends and customers because it was also the Sukagawa Fireworks that evening.

An hour and a half of amazing fireworks, delicious food, and beer was a brilliant way to end a great day. We were planning on wearing our Yukata’s but I was too hot, sweaty, and smelly to want to smell it up so I just stayed in my gross clothes I’d been wearing all day.

I’m being lazy today in preparation of my first full week at work starting tomorrow.

Japan does fireworks better than anywhere I’ve ever seen; these pictures do not do them any justice.

Just answered the door to a stranger… wasn’t going to but I’m glad I did because it was the postman with my residence card, finally, but equally importantly, post on a Sunday.

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