Speech Contest.

Students from schools in the area around Nihonmatsu competed in the English Speech Contest yesterday. They were so good. I don’t know how they do it. I could never have done that at that age. I couldn’t do it now. I was so impressed with how brave they were. Seriously, especially the ones who were struggling to remember their speeches but kept going until they finished.

The skits were so funny as well. They really went for it. I think they liked our skit too. They were laughing anyway, whether or not they understood why it was funny, I don’t know, but they laughed. I wish I had taken a picture of our costumes and props but I didn’t so I will have to describe them instead.

The basic story was myself and the other two new ALT’s were tourists visiting Japan. We are excited to see the sights but one of the other ALT’s is most excited to see McDonalds. He runs off stage and the sun comes on making myself and the other ALT too hot so we collapse. The other guy comes back, sees us and goes to get help.  He finds Ash and Eevee from Pokemon who tries to help us but gets chased away. Then Luffy (no idea who that is) tries to help but gets chased away too. I’m left on stage by myself crying out if anyone can help us. Mario comes along, offers me ice cream and then we offer some to the sun who cools down and we all become friends. Sharing is caring.

We had fake cardboard cameras, a giant cardboard ice cream, the sun was all in yellow with a cardboard box covered in yellow paper and Luffy had a giant knife and fork (again, no idea who that is so don’t know why they had cutlery). We looked cool.

On a completely different topic and incredibly excitingly…I got my Irish Passport!!! I am now officially a dual passport holding person!!!!

person holding pokemon ball toy
Photo by Vincent Janssen on Pexels.com
abstract beach bright clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
supermario standing figurine
Photo by Mikes Photos on Pexels.com
close up photo of person holding assorted flavor ice cream on cone
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

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