Rainy Koriyama.

I went for a rainy wander around Koriyama yesterday taking my usual random photographs. It’s a much bigger city than Nihonmatsu so I barely saw anything. I’ll go back and explore more as it’s only half an hour on the train or driving. In the evening I met up with other ALT’s in this area so we could go for dinner and to Round One.

Round One is like a giant, much better Jet Center for anyone who has ever been to Coleraine, Norn Iron. For those who have not had that pleasure, it has arcades, tennis, football, baseball, archery, table tennis, rollerskates, badminton, basketball, ten pin bowling, etc. It was brilliant. I discovered I am capable of getting the basketball in the hoop maybe 1 out of 5 times, I cannot hit a baseball, Archery hurts, and I remember how to play badminton; I mean not all the rules and scoring, but how to hit the shuttlecock. I was pretty impressed with myself.

There are also a few drumming arcade games that some people may know about. One is the Japanese style drum and there was one that had a full drum kit. I cannot drum. My dad has always told me I have no rhythm. I personally prefer to think I march to beat of my own drum. Potato, potato. Now I have the potato song in my head.



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