Warning: contains bare bums.

Went to a Sumo competition yesterday. When I say Sumo; it was a bunch of foreign white guys who had been shown once what to do and what not to do. And when I say competition; the Japanese guys showing them how to do it won, and not just because they were supposed to win.

As you would expect, some people took it very seriously, some not so much. They get fairly drunk beforehand and drink throughout. It was outside and not that warm of a day so maybe that was to help keep them warm as much as to psych them up given that they were wearing nappies and wrestling in sandy mud.

I loved the outfits of the referees. There was a group of older Japanese men; I think, betting on the matches? rounds? so there was a fair amount of money going around. And the older Japanese women were cackling away having a grand time watching the useless foreigners. Everyone won a prize. The best being a very large box of what I think was Sake and a bow (as well as the money). The worst was a pen.

The calendar shot:


Showing them how it’s done:



I got a bit bored:

Women aren’t allowed to do it, both a shock and a shame because otherwise I’d have been so up for it…yup, so anyway; that was Sumo.

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