Goshiki-numa or 5 coloured lakes

Yesterday was a public holiday to honour the elderly? Something like that. So we decided to honour the elderly by going for a walk around Goshiki-numa, otherwise known as the 5 coloured lakes.

It was a beautiful day here in Nihonmatsu; the sun was shining; the temperature was high. A perfect day to leave it to go somewhere cloudy and considerably colder.

To be fair, the path is through a forest so not much sunlight gets through but, typically, it started to rain as we made our way back to the car and we got soaked.

The lakes were beautiful and I will definitely want to go back in a few weeks when the colours of the trees really start to turn.

We made friends with some fish:

Got drenched:

Then today instead of cleaning the school like we usually do in the afternoon, we went to the local community center to clean it instead. Apparently they do that once a year, so there you are.

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