I discovered I have woodworm the other day so I texted my supervisor (he is a true hero) who called my landlord and arranged for him to come and sort it out for me. I was out that night but he did come and spray the area.

Then the next day he came back with a friend? brother? carpenter? They had a look around, tried to explain to me what was happening but I don’t speak Japanese and they didn’t speak English so I gave him my phone to speak into Google Translate. He didn’t really get how it works so he disappeared for a bit and came back with a woman. Wife? friend? neighbour? who knows. She didn’t speak English either but could work my phone and explained that they wanted to replace the affected wood and the tatami mat.

Then another man showed up, had a look around, had a chat, did nothing.

At first I thought they wanted me to move out but they really only wanted me to go into the next room then they decided it would be best to come back another day. Thankfully, I didn’t need to be here for it so I came home today to a new door post and tatami mat…

A tatami mat that is a different colour from all the other mats…


Why lovely landlord man?

Why would you do that to me? It’s green. The others are brown. Will it fade to brown? Is it green because it’s new and fresh and, young moist wood/straw or whatever it is? So when it dries out and dies will it go brown? How long will that take?

It hurts my eyes.

But thank you lovely landlord and various mates for fixing it so quickly and neatly.

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