Vietnam; Hoi an

Hoi an. We had to fly there as it’s quite far from Saigon and the flight was stupidly early, but that meant we had a good length of time to explore and relax. The hotel there was amazing. It felt like the owner’s house but with loads of rooms. There was a pool that had perfect cold water to cool off in. Hoi an itself is an old coastal town that specialises in tailors. I may have spend a serious amount of money on clothes but I got 6 pairs of trousers, a blazer, a blouse, and a leather document wallet so I’m very happy.

Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns. There were lanterns everywhere and in the evening there was a festival to celebrate the full moon. Boats go out on the river and light lanterns that float on the water. It was beautiful. We bought a banana and nutella crepe at the night market and as we were waiting for it this guy had a karaoke machine and sang Lemon Tree by Fools Garden, over and over and over again. It was hilarious.

The food was great too. Our first lunch was a set menu that had so many delicious things but the best thing we had was Banh mi. A sandwich in a small baguette that we devoured.

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