Vietnam; Halong Bay.

Halong Bay.

Scenic highlight of the trip. Fully lived up to all and every expectation. We stayed the night on a boat in the bay in a little pod of tourist boats. We all sailed out together in the afternoon, anchored in the same area to keep close and safe and then sailed back together the next day. There’s safety in numbers.

We walked through a cave in one of the islands. Standard cave, nothing else to say about that. Climbed to the top of another island (400 steps; I thought I was going to die) to a platform where we could watch the sunset. My major regret about that was that I didn’t stay until the sun fully set. I was so hot a bothered I really wanted to go for a swim but it’s a man made beach and the water was a little gross. I should have just stayed sweaty. Next time.

That night on the boat we had a epic karaoke session, delicious food, and played some more cards. In the morning we went kayaking through a tunnel into a courtyard pool in an island? No idea what to call it. The only way in and out was the tunnel. It was incredibly peaceful until a big boat with a load of tourist came in and started doing karaoke. What is wrong with people.

Aside from the view, the best part was making panoramic pictures on top of the boat and trying to get ourselves in the picture as many times as possible whilst wearing our banana shirts.

Prepare yourselves for too many pictures of islands, water and boats.


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