Vietnam; Hanoi

My last two days in Vietnam were in Hanoi with my friends. I moved myself to a fancy hotel with a pool on the roof and a room almost the same size as my flat here in Japan. 

We got more egg coffee, wandered about a bit, tried to see Ho Chi Minh but he wasn’t there. I think he was away being re-embalmed but we weren’t entirely sure. I’m not that upset we didn’t get to see him to be honest.

We had drinks on the roof of our hotel which cost more than every other drink we’d had in Vietnam added together.  I had a great holiday.

Since then I’ve been working, taking it easy because I’m freezing, had a medical check up where I had to drink barium and roll over multiple times so they could take pictures of my insides. Took a trip to Yamagata to see some gross jellyfish and a lovely tea house. I do not like Yamagata. It snowed. And it took forever to leave. Boo Yamagata.

It’s getting close to Xmas so I’m getting excited…start looking forward to my Xmas decorations but for now, here are some pics of Hanoi.

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