It’s been too long since I took my camera out or posted anything here so today I went for a walk in the snow. It was -2 degrees, I had six layers of clothes on , and I had a surprisingly good time given that I hate snow.

The main reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I haven’t been doing very much. Just working; trying to stay warm. This is where I live now…


It’s a kotatsu. A heated table that’s very popular here. I am a miserable person when it comes to money and am terrible for never turning on my heating at home. Gas central heating that heats each room in my flat with a radiator. Japanese houses don’t tend to have central heating and use electric heaters instead. I’ve been so, so cold since the temperature dropped; I will never be miserable with heating again. I’m getting too old to suffer anymore. I currently have the heating blasting away. Mum would be proud.

Just one week before I head off to Tokyo Disney and Hiroshima for Christmas. I’m so excited.

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