Christmas in Tokyo and Hiroshima

It’s Boxing Day and I’m back, curled up on my sofa in my wee flat. I got back this afternoon after spending the lead up to Christmas in Tokyo then Christmas Day in Hiroshima.

In Tokyo we went to the Monster Cafe and Robot Restaurant. Psychedelic madness; loud, colourful and so, so much fun. We did a little vintage shopping in Harajuku where I found the creepiest and scariest clown costume; stayed in another capsule hotel, this one bigger and spaceship-esk; and wandered around Sensoji Temple.

In Hiroshima we went to the floating gate at the Itsukushima Shrine. It’s incredible. Huge and beautiful. When the tide goes out you can walk down to it. People have been sticking coins onto the gate which is really bad for it and the barnacles that live on it. Why do people do things like that.

On Christmas Day we did what is apparently now a traditional Christmas Day for people in Japan, well, I suspect what’s traditional for foreign people in Japan. We did Karaoke and ate KFC. Our wailing was superb. Superbly awful.

School is on Winter Break for the next two weeks so I’ll be at the BOE rather than school.

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