Step aside Aretha

I sang a song today. In Japanese. In front of approximately 100 people. Wearing a Kimono.

I had gone with a friend to a shamisen lesson before Christmas with the mother of her vice principle. A shamisen is an old Japanese guitar/banjo like instrument with three strings. Makes plinky plinky music and can have lovely material attached to the side. Although I only went for one shamisen class (I really should have gone to more but wasn’t feeling great and couldn’t handle the hour either side of the lessons of chat), the lady still wanted me to sing with my friend at the local culture, traditional, old people get together.

So I did.

It was great. Loads of old ladies and gentlemen, dressed in Kimono, playing shamisens, big bamboo recorder, flute things, drums of various sizes. A wee bit of dancing; traditional Japanese, ballroom and some Hawaiian something.

The Kimono (I don’t know why I’m insisting on capitalising Kimono but I’ve started and I like it so I’m going with it) were amazing. The patterns and material are so beautiful.

Oh yeah, and after we sang the song they insisted we introduce ourselves. In Japanese. A wee old man from the audience actually came up to the stage to tell the announcer to make us introduce ourselves. Hajimemashite too mister.

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