Bridges of Fukushima

I finally took my camera, and myself, into Fukushima city yesterday for a wander around and visit to the two bridges that I admire every time I drive there. It was lovely. You can walk over and under the bridges. I got a bit rained on but it hardly ever rains here so that was a wee home moment. I had a coffee and read my book sipping said coffee. I miss my cafes so much. I miss city living so much. I am not cut out to live in the country or a small town. I had enough of that growing up. But, only a week until I head down to Osaka to meet up with my friend and tear the place up. And by tearing the place up, I do mean drinking too much coffee, talking too fast, eating too much, drinking too much and being in bed by a fairly reasonable hour most nights because the one night we stay up really late will be enough and we don’t want to eat into our tourist activities too much.

I don’t normally grumble about real life things here other than being cold and a bit blue and I’m not going to start now. I did. I had a whole rant written out and then deleted it because life is bad enough, I don’t want to add to it (don’t get me started on…everything going on at the minute). I’m looking for rainbows and joy. All I will say is, Inland Revenue, you could have at least bought me dinner first.

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