Last trip before I leave…

My year is rapidly coming to an end so I took one last trip to the coast this weekend.

There was a sand art festival in Hitachi so I stayed near there and did my usual wandering round taking pictures.

To be honest, the sand art was a little underwhelming. I was thinking it would be a rival to the Snow festival but there were only 5 pieces. They were pretty good but the snow and ice sculptures were miles better.

It was a bit of an underwhelming weekend all round. My hotel wasn’t amazing (Mt. Fuji seriously spoiled me) and the actual beaches were too short to walk far along the water. Most of my walk was along a road and not that great a one.

Maybe I’m just tired and ready to go home. Also, I’m very spoiled when it comes to beaches. We may not have the weather in Norn Iron but the beaches are spectacular.

I did have an amazing burger and waffle potatoes for lunch. That was the highlight really. That’s a bit sad.

Erm…I have a day off tomorrow. That’s good. Check out the scary crow picture.

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