Henrydiplodocus. I loved doing Henrydiplocodocus. I made a shadow puppet show. There was a LOT of cutting out and figuring out how to set it up so that the camera (my phone) could see it properly but it was so much fun. Plus, Henrydiplodocus himself is a roaring, stomping, giggling, mad boy/dino, so what’s not... Continue Reading →


After punishing myself for doing very little drawing by doing a load of drawing, I then went back to scratch.mit.edu to make Archieotops. I really do like to swing from one extreme to another. I really liked thinking up all the different ways Archieotops interacts with different people but my favourite moment was when I... Continue Reading →

Bronto Brian

Me being me, one punishment for taking the easy route with Katieraptor wasn't enough. After challenging myself with Rosieosaurus and making a pop up book, I decided Bronto Brian should be a flip book. Pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of drawings. Only slightly different from each other. Why do I do... Continue Reading →


Me being me, I went from the relatively simple Katieraptor to the incredibly difficult and complicated creation of a pop up book. Anyone who makes pop up books for a living is a genius and marvel. It took sooooo long. I wasn't even doing any of the pop up's that are genuine feats of engineering.... Continue Reading →

Thomas Rex

After Helenodactyl, I used the website scratch.mit.edu to code an animated version of Thomas Rex. An elderly dinosaur who is slowly losing his hearing and doesn't pay full attention to what anyone is saying to him. Ever so slightly based on my dad. Learning how to code was fun and scratch makes it very easy.


I haven't written anything here in so long. I've been busy trying to settle back into my life after returning from Japan. I'm back in my beautiful flat, which I still love. I have my friends and family around me again but I still don't really feel settled. I went to Japan to try something... Continue Reading →

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