Henrydiplodocus. I loved doing Henrydiplocodocus. I made a shadow puppet show. There was a LOT of cutting out and figuring out how to set it up so that the camera (my phone) could see it properly but it was so much fun. Plus, Henrydiplodocus himself is a roaring, stomping, giggling, mad boy/dino, so what’s not... Continue Reading →


Clearly I wasn't in the mood to draw anything for Katieraptor!!! Let's be honest, I'm not the best drawer in the world. It may be becoming obvious that I don't like to do the same thing too often so Katieraptor is a clock that reveals the story as you move around the clock. Katieraptor is... Continue Reading →

2 more sleeps…

My bags are packed, the flat is sparkling, I have signed, stamped, cancelled and processed all the documents I can. I've dumped rubbish. Taken clothes to a second hand shop. Said some goodbyes. Have a few more to go. I have 2 more sleeps before my adventure in Japan comes to an end. It's been... Continue Reading →

Last trip before I leave…

My year is rapidly coming to an end so I took one last trip to the coast this weekend. There was a sand art festival in Hitachi so I stayed near there and did my usual wandering round taking pictures. To be honest, the sand art was a little underwhelming. I was thinking it would... Continue Reading →

A grey, rainy weekend at the coast.

I haven't been very good at posting lately, although  I haven't been up to all that much so haven't had much to say or share. It's the rainy season apparently and when they say rainy, they mean rainy. It feels like home. There have been a few leavers parties and more to come. They've been... Continue Reading →

Mt. Fuji

I am sat on my own personal balcony in a fancy hotel, with a bottle of wine, gazing at Mt. Fuji directly in front. of me. I am happy.

Sakura, Sakura, Sakura

They're everywhere. They. Are. Every. Where. And people go mad over them. Picnicking under them. Taking selfies with them. Taking pet selfies with them. I don't get it. So here a load of pics all in one go to get it over and done with...  

Travels with friends

There`s a lot to talk about so this may end up being multiple posts. I`ll start with the best bit. I had a visitor! My friend came to visit me so I got to take some time off and visit another Japanese city. I met her in Osaka so took the shinkansen there. It took... Continue Reading →

Bridges of Fukushima

I finally took my camera, and myself, into Fukushima city yesterday for a wander around and visit to the two bridges that I admire every time I drive there. It was lovely. You can walk over and under the bridges. I got a bit rained on but it hardly ever rains here so that was... Continue Reading →

Sake and Leaving

Last weekend I went to a sake festival in Niigata. I drove with two others in the car with me so I was a little nervous and stressed in case I crashed and killed us all. I didn't so it was all good. I worry about these things generally and, as it was a two... Continue Reading →

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