Happy New Year and all that balls. I'm not much of a New Years fan and I don't do resolutions so it was a fairly quiet evening for me. I went into Fukushima City for dinner and Karaoke with some people then a bar for the actual countdown. The lovely barmen passed out glasses of... Continue Reading →

Christmas in Tokyo and Hiroshima

It's Boxing Day and I'm back, curled up on my sofa in my wee flat. I got back this afternoon after spending the lead up to Christmas in Tokyo then Christmas Day in Hiroshima. In Tokyo we went to the Monster Cafe and Robot Restaurant. Psychedelic madness; loud, colourful and so, so much fun. We... Continue Reading →


It's been too long since I took my camera out or posted anything here so today I went for a walk in the snow. It was -2 degrees, I had six layers of clothes on , and I had a surprisingly good time given that I hate snow. The main reason I haven't posted in... Continue Reading →


It seems that life has caught up with me. Or I have caught up with life. I've finished telling you about my brilliant holiday. Since then I've been working and taking it easy. Making a crazy number of paper snowflakes. Watching Xmas films.  I haven't done anything particularly exciting and haven't got any pictures as... Continue Reading →

Vietnam; Hanoi

My last two days in Vietnam were in Hanoi with my friends. I moved myself to a fancy hotel with a pool on the roof and a room almost the same size as my flat here in Japan.  We got more egg coffee, wandered about a bit, tried to see Ho Chi Minh but he... Continue Reading →

Vietnam; Halong Bay.

Halong Bay. Scenic highlight of the trip. Fully lived up to all and every expectation. We stayed the night on a boat in the bay in a little pod of tourist boats. We all sailed out together in the afternoon, anchored in the same area to keep close and safe and then sailed back together... Continue Reading →

Vietnam; Hoi an

Hoi an. We had to fly there as it's quite far from Saigon and the flight was stupidly early, but that meant we had a good length of time to explore and relax. The hotel there was amazing. It felt like the owner's house but with loads of rooms. There was a pool that had... Continue Reading →

Vietnam; Mekong Delta

The second day of the tour was to the Mekong Delta. It was a pretty wet day but it was still incredibly beautiful. We visited a coconut farm, went for a walk in the jungle, took a row boat down a part of the river, ate fruits I'd never heard off, and drank a beer... Continue Reading →

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