Mt. Adatara.

I climbed a mountain yesterday.  We drove to a ski resort and got a cable car up most of it but then climbed the rest. When I say climb, it was more of a walk really. The first part of the path is a wooden walkway then a boggy muddy section and stones towards the... Continue Reading →

Nihonmatsu Lantern Festival.

This weekend is the Lantern Festival in Nihonmatsu. Last night was kind of the main night with the carts being paraded through the town up to the castle and back to the shrine. There are seven areas within the town represented by its own cart/float/group. The carts have cages with about 300 lanterns, wooden carriage... Continue Reading →

Canyoning in Gunma.

Last weekend I went on a Canyoning trip to the Gunma Prefecture. That means I have now been to more than one Prefecture in Japan, WoHo. It was a 4 hour drive so the guys I was going with kindly let me have the front seat the whole way there and back. Between that, my... Continue Reading →

Aizu Samurai Festival

Yesterday was the Aizu Samurai Festival so we went to Tsurugajo Castle in Aizu Wakamatsu. It's known as the Samurai City because of its association with Samurais (Samurai? Samuraus?), funnily enough. The castle is pretty epic but it's not the original as it was demolished in 1874 because it has been so badly damaged during the war.... Continue Reading →


I discovered I have woodworm the other day so I texted my supervisor (he is a true hero) who called my landlord and arranged for him to come and sort it out for me. I was out that night but he did come and spray the area. Then the next day he came back with... Continue Reading →

Goshiki-numa or 5 coloured lakes

Yesterday was a public holiday to honour the elderly? Something like that. So we decided to honour the elderly by going for a walk around Goshiki-numa, otherwise known as the 5 coloured lakes. It was a beautiful day here in Nihonmatsu; the sun was shining; the temperature was high. A perfect day to leave it... Continue Reading →

Myths confirmed.

You get told all sorts of things about what Japan and teaching here will be like by the people who have been before, by the guidance info, websites, people who are in their second, third, forth, fifth years (apparently staying the full five years is almost unheard of but I actually know one, she's a... Continue Reading →

Warning: contains bare bums.

Went to a Sumo competition yesterday. When I say Sumo; it was a bunch of foreign white guys who had been shown once what to do and what not to do. And when I say competition; the Japanese guys showing them how to do it won, and not just because they were supposed to win.... Continue Reading →

Rainy Koriyama.

I went for a rainy wander around Koriyama yesterday taking my usual random photographs. It's a much bigger city than Nihonmatsu so I barely saw anything. I'll go back and explore more as it's only half an hour on the train or driving. In the evening I met up with other ALT's in this area... Continue Reading →

Speech Contest.

Students from schools in the area around Nihonmatsu competed in the English Speech Contest yesterday. They were so good. I don't know how they do it. I could never have done that at that age. I couldn't do it now. I was so impressed with how brave they were. Seriously, especially the ones who were... Continue Reading →

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