After punishing myself for doing very little drawing by doing a load of drawing, I then went back to to make Archieotops. I really do like to swing from one extreme to another. I really liked thinking up all the different ways Archieotops interacts with different people but my favourite moment was when I... Continue Reading →

Bronto Brian

Me being me, one punishment for taking the easy route with Katieraptor wasn't enough. After challenging myself with Rosieosaurus and making a pop up book, I decided Bronto Brian should be a flip book. Pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of drawings. Only slightly different from each other. Why do I do... Continue Reading →


Clearly I wasn't in the mood to draw anything for Katieraptor!!! Let's be honest, I'm not the best drawer in the world. It may be becoming obvious that I don't like to do the same thing too often so Katieraptor is a clock that reveals the story as you move around the clock. Katieraptor is... Continue Reading →

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